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Seven Sins Restaurant

The award winning Seven Sins restaurant in the Perth Hills were served up a stunning website by the Monday Media team along with numerous social media marketing videos.

It was a pleasure to take such an iconic brand and super charge their marketing. Sampling the amazing food wasn't bad either ;) 


Average number of days the restaurant is booked ahead of time


Unique site sessions per day


Generated in website gift card sales alone

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Chef Seb commissioned Monday Media to produce a series of thirty two short-form master cooking demonstrations. These are gaining massive traction on social media resulting in instant on-line bookings for the featured dishes.


The elegant design showcases the food and setting perfectly while the integrated gift certificate platform generates set-and-forget income each month. 


Featuring advanced scroll motion effects, the design evokes a sense of calmness well suited to the idyllic Perth Hills setting, the German inspired fare, and the multi-award winning chef, Seb Sindermann.

"It’s bloody amazing! Thanks Paul and the team"

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