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The Monday Media Team

Paul Dean

Hey there! I'm Paul, the founder and proud owner of Monday Media.


My passion is advanced videography, post production editing, designing websites, social media marketing and brand development.


I’m so proud to lead this team of digital creatives - a team that has gained a reputation for producing videos, websites and brands that not only look great, but achieve project success, increased brand awareness, and most importantly, more business for our clients!


Feel free to make contact with me anytime. I generally like to start  projects by meeting with you in person (I'll buy the coffee).

[ creative director ]

Paul Dean

Steve Hargreaves

Steve is our Senior Designer (Graphic & Web). Don’t let the quiet persona fool you though, this guy does his talking through design. With over 20 years experience and a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design, there isn’t anything this guy can’t handle. He’s the office problem solver, coffee lover and all-round nice guy.


Steve’s web designs have been featured no less than three times on the international EditorX showcase page!

[ senior web designer ]

Steve Hargeaves

Chula Orachon

Next we have Chula. She's a talented Graphic Designer and Illustrator who spends a lot of time creating digital assets in developing clean, cohesive brands with a splash of contemporary edge. In addition, Chula is a highly skilled video editor and post production specialist.


She spends a lot of time on art and design outside of work too, honing her skills alongside storytelling with character design and comic illustrations with a focus on diversity!

[ graphic designer

& video editor ]

Chula Orachon

Nathan Webster

The newest member of the Monday Media team, Nathan completed his Bachelors in Graphic Design at the Perth based SAE institute.

He already has an extremely impressive portfolio of work with Monday Media and in his own right. Nathan currently works alongside Steve and Ivan on the web team, and with Paul and Chula developing digital assets for Perth brands big and small.

[ digital design
assistant - web ]

Nathan Webster

Ivan Alekseev

Ivan is a coder supremo! There is nothing this guy can’t make work - so when we say ‘if you can think, we can do it’, it’s becuase of this man :)

Ivan graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University, learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js before discovering the EditorX Velo coding languge (formerly known as a Corvid), and fell in love with its possibilities.

It wasn’t long before Ivan became a Certified Velo Developer and an integeral part of the Monday Media team.

[ coder & developer ]

Ivan Alekseev

Angela Dean

Without Angela, we likely wouldn‘t function as a creative agency.

She takes care of all the paperwork, tax returns, BAS submissions and generally makes sure the team can concentrate on what they do best… designing!

[ office manager ]

Angela Dean
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