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Why We Ditched WordPress

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We're not hating on Wordpress, we're just realists.

Let’s start with some basic context here, WordPress is massive, it powers the vast majority of the worlds websites, it can be used by anyone, it’s cheap and you can build some good looking websites. These are all facts… so why did Monday Media stop using it?

Well we actually stopped several years ago. We like to think we’re generally ahead of the curve when it comes to small business marketing, web trends, new technologies and all that. When we took a hard look at the WordPress platform we ended up swallowing some reality pills (massive horse-sized reality pills that we had to chew). It wasn’t nice.

The three main reasons WordPress has had its day are security flaws, uninspiring designs and above all, the Content Management System - that’s the part our clients really hated. My personal favourite quote from THIS Redit post is "It's a behemoth of spaghetti code that's written like it's still 2005".

We’re a positive bunch here at Monday Media so let’s not focus too much on WordPress issues (they’ve been well documented all over the internet)… because we found the solution! We moved to EditorX and we now host our websites on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) network. Long story short, the sites we build are lightning-fast, totally secure and our clients enjoy the best CMS on the market.

Check out these examples…

We generally like to promote our web work with some cool looking promo videos too. here are just a few examples...

This website has been featured on the EditorX International Showcase page!

This website has also been featured on the EditorX International Showcase page!

You guessed it...this website has also been featured on the EditorX International Showcase page!

Let’s wrap this up.

WordPress is old tech, it was old ten years ago, and that’s a really really long time in this game. We found something better and we haven’t looked back. So why blog about it? Well, the truth is we get a lot of potential clients assume we use WordPress and are sometimes confused when we say ‘hell no’! So now you know :-)


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