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Perth Bagpipes: Creating The Brand

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Starting from scratch.

This has to be one of our favourite projects of 2019/20. Not because our client, Scott Hannah, was super chilled, not because he never once uttered the words “can you make the logo bigger” (the words every designer fears the most), no, it was because we had the opportunity to start from scratch, to create a brand that was truly unique.

Who are they?

Perth Bagpipes brings together a team of the highest calibre pipers in Perth, lead by world champion piper, and company founder, Scott Hannah. They play at weddings, corporate events and funerals.

This was a new business venture, they needed everything - branding rules (style guide), a logo, photo editing, a website, socials, icon sets, video marketing assets and even the business name! The brand had to represent heritage, regal in nature, a brand becoming of a high-end service and discerning clientele. It had to appeal to those in the market for Scottish style weddings first and foremost.

So how did we do?

We researched like a final year PHD student! We looked at who was doing great things in that space, not just pipers, but wedding photographers, iconic locations like vineyards and golf courses, and of course, we did a lot of brain storming.

Because we had a blank canvas, we were in the fortunate position where we could develop major design elements together, not one just after another. A circular process as it were. By this we mean the logo design effected the colour pallet which effected the font choice, which resulted in changes to the logo… and so on and so on. That might sound frustrating but what’s often more frustrating is trying to re-brand a business with a pig-ugly design element already in place like an existing logo bought off Fiverr (as a random example).

The end result?

Apart from a very happy client, the end result is an overall brand that is easily the best in that sector. Scott and his team experienced every start-up business owners dream… the phone started ringing and didn’t stop. In the run up to Christmas 2019, Perth Bagpipes were booked out and 2020 is already going the same way! Scott was even flown overseas to play at a prestigious wedding! All down to a canny marketing plan!


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