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The Property Pros

The Property Pros was founded by people with a passion for helping others and we are so pleased they chose Monday Media as their marketing partner to develop their new brand from the ground up. 


Not only is their highly experienced team enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but they love making dreams come true. As an independent brokering company, they work with a panel of hand-selected award-winning builders.


ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) in the first three months


Leads generated in first three months


Percentage of similar sites outperformed

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A strong brand needs a strong brand. We worked closely with our clients to mock-up, test and experiment with different designs before landing on a classic, timeless logo, colour pallet and typeface collection. 


The brand oozes professionalism, intellect and trust.


Monday Media were commissioned to produce a suite of fifteen informational and marketing videos for The Property Pros team and we didn’t disappoint. 


These videos include a mix of short instagram Reels through to traditional talking heads videos and advanced ‘Vox’ style animations. 


These video assets have formed the basis of all paid marketing campaigns to great success.


The Property Pro website is truly groundbreaking in its functionality. This site features an unrivalled property search engine whereby home buyers and investors can search up property designs and dynamically see the real-time turnkey price, depreciation and expected tax deduction based on the current RBA interest rates, land values and builder prices. 


The design is sleek, professional and packed full of stunning visuals and videos. In the first three months alone, this site ranked higher than comparable sites in five key benchmarks including ‘average time on site’, ‘bounce rate’, ‘unique visitors’ and ‘social media visitors’.

Social Media

As with all our clients, Monday Media sought to educate and inform our clients on our marketing efforts - the plan, the approach and expected results. Adopting a phased approach, the team at Monday Media spent time on gathering user data to create custom audiences and re-targeting those audiences with a range of video marketing assets. 


Early results indicate a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 672% with 122 leads generated in the first three months. Not bad for a start-up in a crowded market space!  

"Monday Media have perfectly captured what our business is all about. They took the time to find out WHY we do what we do… and our clients love it!"

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