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Fratelli Homes WA

This award winning, Perth based builder of luxury homes takes the process of designing and constructing dream homes to the next level.


Fratelli Homes WA likes to do things a little different... We have that in common with them! We were therefore the natural choice for a creative agency when they requested a total re-brand of their business.


Total organic video views in 12 months


Perfect Google Lighthouse SEO score


Percentage of similar sites outperformed on five key web metrics

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Starting with design, Fratelli needed a classic logo with timeless lines and the perfect typeface, alongside a comprehensive style guide and several building site signage options.


These guys understand the art of making a home... and we understand the art of making videos. The perfect partnership. To-date, Monday Media have been commissioned to produce over sixteen marketing and corporate videos. 


These are fast-paced, ultra engaging videos suitable for both web and social applications. The feedback in terms of views and engagement has been phenomenal. 


We developed a super fast, super optimised, super accessible website that exceeds industry standards in every single way. 


The design is luxurious, clean and professional. The home designs and the Fratelli story are the two key elements we wanted to showcase here. Mission accomplished.


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