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(Yes) Supercharge Your Web!

Our Editor X platform of choice would be an awesome builder on its own, but when you couple a sleek chassis with the incredible power unit of customer code, then you are a mile ahead of the rest before you even start.

Let is introduce you to 'Velo', the inbuilt serverless code that empowers your website with the ability to rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web integrations, APIs & apps.

The frontend visual builder provides the Monday Media team with a wealth of tools and opens limitless opportunities for us to extend and add custom functionality and interactions using Velo's APIs in an open, flexible and extendable platform.

A 'Serverless Platform' is the new marketing term for modern hosting. A serverless framework basically means that Editor X will take care of the server, so you only need to worry about telling it what code needs to be run. Editor X will take care of resource allocation on its Amazon AWS cloud servers, with no need to ever worry about security, maintenance or upgrades.

What does this mean?

Of course, all of this 'amazing code' is tucked away and sites behind-the-scenes. There is nothing for you to do, nothing to worry about, simply rejoice in the knowledge that it is there to 'step-up' and provide your website with 'superpowers' anytime it needs.

Lifting the limits

Dynamic data is an encompassing term used to describe frontend elements that are displayed on your website (headers, text, images etc.), that are 'connected' to a variable (or database). This means that we can dynamically change this element based on use input, giving each site visitor a different and personalised experience, lifting the limits on what you can do.

Lets Interact

Velo is the power that lets us connect and fully interact with elements, databases and dynamic content, pulling content from our internal (and in some cases, external) databases. Capture user input, add dynamic data, perform calculations and comparisons, search, refine and deliver personalised information to the site user. Create a unique experience by interacting with blogs, site members, store products or anything else.

Summing Up

The truth is, Velo and Editor X gives us the ability to say 'Yes'. It means that when you come to us and ask 'can we do this?', or 'I want to do that' with your website, we can 99% guarantee to say 'Yes'.

Velo to Monday Media means - 'yes, we can do that'.

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