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Why We Love Typography Videos

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Be bold or italic... never regular. If you look back through our extensive video portfolio, you’ll see that we have a thing for typography (that extends to web design too BTW). We’re font snobs, typeface connoisseur, and proud of it. There’s good reason for this. A font says a lot about a brand, about the message and story you want to tell. Font factories around the world sometimes take years to develop a single font family. So, here are the top three reasons we love to produce promotional videos with an emphasis on typography…

1 - It’s cost effective

Look, we generally don’t try and compete on price here at Monday Media. We find the race to the bottom benefits no one, least of all the client. However, for the budget conscious client, promo videos based on typography is often a cost effective way to get a really professional video in front of the masses. Think about it, as video producers, we don’t have to send out a crew on-site. Instead we can spend that time in the editing suite. In general, videos like these examples below cost 50% less than a ‘traditional’ video of a similar length. …

2 - Silence please!

Unless you’re one of those obnoxious types on public transport that plays videos for the world to hear, you’ll be scrolling through your socials in silence (like a nice human). Business promo videos that rely heavily on audio are often ignored - that’s a fact. Studies have found 85% of Facebook users viewed videos in mute mode. The use of typography can circumnavigate this and keep your target audience watching longer.

3 - Words + Video = Retention

Ensuring your marketing video stands out amid the plethora of online videos is difficult (we’re quite good at it though), so embracing quality typography might just be the edge your business or organisation needs? When we use a combination of stylish typefaces and stunning visuals, we find it to be deadly effective when it comes to communicating core ideas quickly. This method results in longer video retention rates and ultimately more conversations.

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