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Which Platform?EditorX vs Duda vs WordPress

Monday Media have a vast amount of real world experience in designing, developing and maintaining complex websites. We have three web designers and a coder on the team.

Between us we have build and deployed websites using WordPress (approx. 20+), Duda (approx. 30+), and EditorX (approx. 30+). We no longer maintain any WordPress sites, however, we still maintain and regularly update/upgrade around 20 Duda and 25 EditorX sites.

We have been named as one of the top Duda web design companies in the world and made the list of “the top 1% of Duda websites”, whilst EditorX have identified Monday Media as a leading creative agency, featuring four of our sites on their international showcase platform and showcasing us permanently on the EditorX case study website.

So we know what we're talking about :) The table below might help you make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing which agency develops your new company website based on the platform they use...

We stopped using WordPress in 2014 before moving to Duda, and although we still work on Duda sites, we again moved away from this platform in 2020 to work exclusively on EditorX.

In 2022, it's so important to develop websites that are not just fit for purpose right now, but well into the future.


Monday Media is a true creative agency. We specialise in creating digital marketing assets for businesses and organisations, big and small, right across our state and beyond. If your brand, website or socials need a fresh look, give us a call :)


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