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The Race To The Bottom - Marketing During A Pandemic

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Whoa… what the actual is going on?

The World is unrecognisable and we’re facing a health and economic crisis the world hasn’t witnessed for generations. It’s easy (and understandable), that at a time like this, some rash decisions are being made, and in particular, some questionable business decisions around marketing.

What we’re talking about is the ‘race to the bottom’. Never has a phrase been so apt as now. Within the digital creative industry, we’re seeing designers, coders, photographers, videographers and marketers in a state of panic, offering their services at totally unsustainable price points, with some offering totally free websites or marketing videos. When this comes from a place of genuine charity, that’s great (Monday Media has proudly taken on several pro-bono projects over the years). But, when is comes from a place of panic, no one benefits.

Why nobody wins the race to the bottom.

The biggest loser in the race to the bottom is the client. Sure, they get what might loosely be called a marketing video, a logo, or a website. But, the quality and effectiveness of that creative isn’t going to represent that business in a positive light, in fact, it’s more likely to damage their brand, or at least ensure their new business never gets the traction it needs to become a success... once this pandemic has passed.

The designer loses too. Let’s be absolutely serious here - if a designer is paid $300 for a website, they WILL NOT build the client the website they probably need. Not only will this damage the designers’ long term reputation, but they are going to struggle to pay the bills in the meantime.

The whole digital creative industry loses! Is everyone in the industry going to review their prices? Absolutely! We’re sharpening our pencils to help as many clients as possible with their digital marketing throughout this crisis. But... we’re also not going to compromise on quality. We’re not going to cut corners. Small business owners need quality creative marketing solutions - now more than ever. As an industry, we need to provide that quality - now more than ever.

Credit: Mo Selim Art

Even now, you'll get what you pay for.

If you’re a small business owner reading this, and you’re on the lookout for a marketing deal that's too good to be true, then it’s a buyers market! Lot's of worried folks out there right now offering just that. Fair warning though... it won't help you or them in the long run.

Monday Media, along with lots of other marketing agencies in Perth, will likely be reducing fees (that's the good news), but not so much that we’re in "a race to the bottom". We have no interest in seeing small businesses fail for want of quality marketing materials. Remember this - even during a pandemic, your potential customers don’t suddenly lose their ability to appreciate quality and professionalism. Bargain basement marketing solutions don’t work. Check out these real-life examples if you need further convincing.

The "Bargain"

Realistic Budget

Let’s wrap this up.

The above examples are real. Everything under "Realistic Budget" was produced by Monday Media (of course). Some of these "bargains" are tragic, some funny, and in the case of Bio-Hazard Cleaning, could have resulted in litigation!

We’re here for you. The economy will bounce back. Our quality will not be compromised, and please, don’t join the race to the bottom - nobody wins that race. Stay strong Perth.


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