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Editor X Business Tools - Taking your business to the next level! Part 2

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Welcome back! In our previous blog, we covered the first 7 of 14 business tools offered by Editor X, a powerful website builder designed to take your business to the next level. Today, we're going to dive into the rest of the tools.


By automating repetitive tasks and processes, you can streamline your workflow and save time with Editor X's automation tools. You can, for example, automate email campaigns, social media posts, and customer follow-up messages.

Editor X screen shot of automations

Tasks & Reminders:

The task management tools enable you to stay on top of your to-do list and ensure that everything is completed on time. You can delegate tasks to members of your team, set deadlines, and receive automated reminders.

Editor X screen shot of  tasks and reminders

Quotes & Invoices:

Quotes and invoicing tools make it simple to create and send professional-looking quotes and invoices directly from your website. You can personalise your invoices, accept payments online, and automate your billing processes.

Editor X screen shot of quotes and invoices


You can create and manage memberships directly from your website using Editor X's member tools. You can reward your loyal customers with exclusive content, discounts, and other benefits, as well as automated billing and renewal processes.

Editor X screen shot of members area on the dashboard


If you want to start a blog for your company, Editor X makes it simple with its built-in blogging tools. You have the ability to create and publish blog posts, categorise your content, and enable commenting and social sharing.

Editor X screen shot of the blog management page on the dashboard


You can send and create newsletters directly from your website using Editor X's newsletter tool, keeping your subscribers up to date on your latest news and promotions. You can customise your content and automate your email campaigns by selecting from a variety of newsletter templates.

Editor X screen shot of the email marketing management page

Dynamic Pages:

Dynamic pages feature allows you to create custom pages that dynamically display content, making it simple to create engaging and interactive websites. Without coding knowledge, you can create custom pages with animations, effects, and interactive elements.

Editor X screen shot of a dynamic table of contents in the dashboard

The business tools in Editor X are a powerful set of features that can assist you in taking your website to the next level. Editor X can help you manage appointments, sell products, automate tasks, send newsletters, and create dynamic pages. Editor X is the ideal platform for Monday Media because we're always looking to create stunning, responsive websites, that are user-friendly but have seriously powerful features under the hood.


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