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Creating The Brand - Ghan Hookah Lounge

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Who are they?

The Ghan Hookah Lounge is a place where individuals of all ethnicities and nationalities can come and bond over their shared love for shisha, herbal tea, coffee and delicious pastries. They are located on the busy high street in Victoria Park.

The Brief...

When Azi and Josh asked Monday Media to develop the brand for their lounge, we jumped at the chance. The brief was "the modern Hookah experience". They wanted us to build a brand style that encapsulated the spirit of the traditional colours and vibrant favours of the Middle East whilst making it relevant to today's modern Australian community.

How did we do it?

First of all, we listened. We listened to our clients... what their dream was, what made their space unique, what their business goals were, and what their overall ethos was. This involved several planning meetings, umpteen phone calls and numerous emails... something we are always happy to do here at Monday Media. We had our own team meetings to make sure that the branding, the web and the video marketing was succinct.

We then did a ton of research... what was the competition doing in Perth and beyond. We took hints from what was working and improved on what wasn't.

Next was the logo and overall visual brand. We knew the logo and colours had to be both modern but also remain true to the classic Middle Eastern, North African heritage. We went through several rounds of revision, perfecting the logo, the colour palette... this resulted in a development of a brand style-guide (something all good businesses should have).

Bringing it all together...

Once the brand style-guide was complete, we set about designing the website and concurrently editing together the footage for marketing videos (captured on the grand opening night). The deadline was tight… we had seven days to finalise the website, produce four marketing videos, and numerous social media photos and graphics. They were long days, but the team pulled together and we beat the deadline by a full 24hrs! All the prep work and planning really helped.

The website is a stunning example of a modern design. It features vibrant colours, stunning typography, scroll effects, bespoke graphics, and unique animations to guide the user through the website. We also had to hand code an age-verification landing page due to government regulations.

Show, don’t tell…

The videos we produced are of the highest calibre. Fast-paced, visually engaging, and leaves the viewer wanting more. The main promo is set to a rhythmic Middle Eastern soundtrack, whilst the two other videos featured in this blog lean on kinetic typography… perfect for social media users who tend to view with the sound off.

We’re super pleased with the overall outcome. We aimed to put in as much effort and passion into this project as the owners have in setting up this amazing space in the heart of Victoria Park.

We wish them all the success in the world.

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