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The 'Reel' Deal; Why You Should Be Using Instagram Reels!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

There’s no denying that Instagram Reels have dominated the social media experience - but why is that the case? Why are so many people jumping on board?

Following in the steps of TikTok’s short-form videos after seeing its popularity (especially with a younger audience), Instagram Reels offered creators with a new tool to showcase art, their businesses, and humour among its 1.3 billion user base. It allows its audience to quickly be exposed to, and digest media content - the main appeal of Instagram Reel content is its convenience, both from an audience and creator perspective.

As a result, Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular Instagram video posts and beat all other short-form video apps in this regard.

How Can My Business Benefit?

The Monday Media team have been ahead of the pack in creating Reels back-to-back for our clients over the last nine months. The aim is to achieve similar results for our clients that have reached out for social media content creation.

We have found that Reels increased both reach and engagement for our clients. Of our "start-up" clients (with brand new socials), we have seen a +138% increase in reach and +283% increase in engagement compared to the previous month using Reels alongside graphic and photo content we produce for them. Several accounts we manage are seeing view counts from 2000-10,000 plays on the Reels we created for them... and these are 'mum-and-dad' businesses with a tiny social following as a starting point.

One of our clients in the travel/tourism space has seen a +1,291% increase in reach and +324% increase in engagement since we started producing Reels and photo content for them. In real-world terms, it means last month, their brand was seen by +10,000 users over just this last month (and that's organic):

Client Instagram Statistics

The red dotted line is when Monday Media started content creation for the client

Check Out These Examples...

Reel Example: Active Study - Kelly

Reel Example: Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club

Reel Example: Tow Mad Tuscans

Reel Example: Two Mad Tuscans

Reel Example: Seven Sins | Perth Hills

Reel Example: Fratelli Homes WA

Reel Example: Kimberley Air Tours

Reel Example: Monday Media - Colour Grading

Reel Example: Monday Media - Branding

Let's Wrap This Up

Reels are unmatched when it comes to increasing social media presence, and our social media content creation service allows , the small business owner, to grow your business through this essential Instagram tool.

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