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Marketing: Creating That Perfect Image

We're visual creatures.

Not sure if attention spans are really getting lower, but in the world of marketing, it’s safe to assume that you haven’t got long to hook people in. If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, using them not only saves you writing time, it also means the viewer is processing your message faster! Websites, product catalogues, posters, menus and social media posts need to be visual. No matter what you’re trying to flog, you need to be seen. Why? In one study, folks only remembered about 10% of what they heard after 72hrs. However, if they saw an image depicting the same message, that memory retention jumped to 62%. Amazing! Here’s the catch… the image might need a little work to make it perfect. There are a ton of mobile apps that can sort out a not-so-perfect image or stock photo. Check out these examples by the team at Monday Media which were all done using an iPad and a few Adobe Photoshop apps!

Watch this!

We picked a random photo from a stock photo library the other day when we were looking for security guard photos. We found the perfect image, only the signage on that right hand wall was all wrong - it had to go! This video is only 30 second long, but this particular edit actually took 21 minutes.

Let’s wrap this up.

So imagery is super important. Dark, grainy iPhone photos on websites and social media just don’t cut it these days. Quality digital marketing requires careful thought and effort. Find or take photos that pop, that tell a story, that have consistency throughout your brand… if you’re a grungy skateboard shop, why not own that back and white look with a ton of film grain? Selling ice creams? Go super colourful with a consistent fun theme.

Want to work with us at Monday Media? Check out how we created some amazing brands HERE.


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