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Filming Cops & Robbers With The WA Police Force!

Yes, the Police have a Social Media Team!

I’m Paul and I’m the very proud owner of Monday Media. Like most small businesses in Perth, Monday Media was a side hustle for a while. A passion. That side hustle turned into a serious side hustle, then progressed into a part-time business. Before long I had so much work on I had to make a decision. I took the red pill, left behind my comfortable life of fortnightly paychecks, soul destroying meetings and endless morning teas... to become a full time business owner. Fast forward to 2020 and the last six years has flown by!

For a significant portion of my 'old life' I was working for the WA Police Media & Corporate Communications Portfolio. My role there was to primarily produce content for their social media channels (predominantly video content). With nearly 1 million people following WA Police across multiple social media platforms, this was a serious gig!

Were there days when it felt like I was on the set of the ABC’s Utopia? Absolutely, but I think that’s just a government thing. On the whole, it was a fascinating position and truly unique. I gained a wealth of experience, vastly improved my technical expertise as a videographer, and my understanding of social media sky rocketed thanks largely due to massive data sets and having access to Facebook employees and top level branding agencies. You can’t pay for that sort of exposure to knowledge.

We might have been a small team, but we produced big results! Averaging five videos per week and reaching 1.5 million people a month, we were busier than a one legged arse kicker.

My Police Highlights Reel…

Let's wrap this up.

So that’s it. A bit of a backstory. Not as dull as some. Not as interesting as Batman, but still, worth blogging about I think. The main point is this… social media is a powerful thing, and video marketing, done well, can make your message (business or not-for-profit) go that much further.

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