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Creating The Brand - Lalli Consulting Engineers

Who are they?

Lalli Consulting Engineering deliver practical and cost-effective design solutions, servicing a wide range of clients, including some of Perth’s leading project and boutique builders, architects, designers and developers.

Lalli Consulting Engineers came to us with a goal in mind and we were keen to fulfil it. Wanting a full rebrand, Lalli is a white collar, heritage brand that is heavily trusted in their field. The challenge was that no matter what we did to spruce up their brand, the number one priority was to not compromise this white collar, heritage core, but to instead build upon it and modernise it from the ground up. It was always about linking back to Lalli’s origin.

How did we do?

What is ‘branding’ even about? What goes into it, and when it comes to the nuance involved in each client in what their needs are, how do we go about morphing the act of rebranding to fit who it is you’re rebranding for perfectly?

Lalli is a perfect example that showcases the importance of understanding the client, their origins, and their values - inside and out. Being a small one-man business working out of home, Mike Lalli’s small engineering business grew into a successful one of 30 years.

Beginning as M.A. Lalli & Associates, the company was founded in 1990, and as the workload grew, so did the company. This origin story was one that Lalli wanted preserved, so we did the honours. Linking to the basis of M.A. Lalli & Associates, we kept the brand mark and incorporated the modernisation within the brand name, simplifying it down to “Lalli”. Take a look at the transformation these subtle changes bring:

Old Lalli Logo

New Lalli Logo

The traditional aspect has been stripped down to something more contemporary, but the tie to what Lalli originally was is still present.

We also emphasised history by giving this topic a lot of attention on the website, where we allow the user to go on the journey of Lalli with an interactive timeline. And with all other assets on the website, we prioritised communicating heritage, professionalism and trust while building upon it and communicating all of this through modernisation - that is, through high quality video and media forms and content, language, images, and stylistic elements.

That’s right - the development (or re-development) of a brand has a lot of moving parts. It is something that is delicate, and can’t be approached with a heavy hand. When you rebrand something, the main goal is preserving what core elements already exist within the brand - so you really do need to do your research, listen to your client, and learn about what it is that needs to be done to have these goals achieved. Understanding an existing business is crucial before you build a new one.

The Result

We ended up with a rebrand that balanced heritage and modernity, giving something wonderfully refreshing to Lalli’s clientele while preserving the same set of values Lalli holds so close. See their new website HERE.

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