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2021 - Our best year yet!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Firstly, we know it was extremely difficult for a lot of WA businesses and we don’t want to forget that reality. Indeed, several of our clients are in those industries most affected. For us though, 2021 was an extremely busy year. We worked with more clients, bigger clients, and bigger projects. We hired more staff, we invested in new technology (hardware and software), and even moved into a new office space in the Joondalup Business Park.

Most satisfying for me, as the owner of Monday Media, is the quality of the product we produced in 2021. Exceptional websites, stunning branding, laser targeted campaigns and visually breathtaking videos. All that, despite the changes and challenges from last year is remarkable.

Let's wrap this up.

So what’s in store for 2022? Firstly, the web team are going to double down on efforts to build not just visually stunning websites, but even faster websites, websites with more end-user interactions, and they will continue to improve Search Engine optimisation. Watch this space because in the not-too-distant future, we’re publishing the BIGGEST EVER online fabrics store in Australia (over 5000 products)!

In the video space, it might be a big ask to produce more than the 294 videos from the 20/21’ financial year, but we’ll give it our best shot. Both the web and social side of digital marketing calls for more video content… and higher quality video content too. We’ll be here producing the goods.

Most of all, the team and I just want to continue to love what we are doing, work with awesome clients and be proud of what we are creating. Happy New Year Perth!


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